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Originally Posted by twinturbo335 View Post
Oh yeah, I guess tint magically falls off after a few years..

I got tint on my car for 4 year and it still looks fine. My previous car had tint for 7 years and it still looked like new when I sold it. (Both 3M tint)

Even if the shop went out of business. I can still afford replacing it 3x before it reaches the price range of Pinacle tint..
Originally Posted by twinturbo335 View Post
Btw, how much do they charge for clear bra? I did it myself..
Wow since a warranty doesn't seem like a big deal to you, I am surprised you splurged on your tint. Why didn't you just do the tint yourself too?

I'm really sorry to all that I've let myself get so off topic with this. I guess I have a problem with people touting their frugalness upon others after a couple of people have already stated "To each, their own." With to all I promise to let this die here & now. Nothing more off topic from me on this thread.