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Originally Posted by Catscratch View Post
Well it's my first time I have RWD and my previous Alfa 'only' had 150bhp. Not sure if I want to disable electronics yet. Could it be the electronics interfering I'm feeling?

Well I'm gonna see today if something has changed after they checked my tyres. Otherwise I'll be my RFT back one by the end of this week.
If it is the electronics you will see the dsc light flash up on the dash when it kicks in. (triangle with and arrow round it)

Compared to FWD the cornering should be much more progressive. FWD tends to be understeer or snappy lift off oversteer.

With RWD the 'limit' should be reached more gradually reached and the car should feel more 'balanced'.

Can you explain what you mean by 'unstable' and 'hanging' in corners a little more deeply?