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Originally Posted by Fraggy View Post
Ok, I need to get an alignment as I\'ve recently changed out shocks. So I need to decide to stay with stock camber or ask for something more aggressive.

My questions are what are the benefits of more negative camber, what driving dynamics change, and what are negatives, such as uneven tire wear.

Also what differences are felt in straight line driving (freeway) and cornering, both positive and negative.

For the street if you do alot of highway driving you should max camber out at -1.5 degrees in the front..if you do mostly local driving (no highway) you can get away w -2 degrees front..anymore than this you will wear the front tires rapidly..also to achieve this on e90/e92/e93 you will have to run front camber plates..remaining stock w stock control arms you have no control over camber..where it what you get..0 to -.5 degrees

For rear you should remain within factory spec camber about -1.5 to -1.7 degrees

Front negative camber will absolutely grip better in turn in situations with the tradoff of wearing tires quicker..camber plates may also be necessary if you are planning to lower the car beyond a certain point