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Arrow 2011 Frankfurt IAA BIMMERPOST Coverage Underway!

2011 Frankfurt IAA BIMMERPOST Coverage Underway!
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Coverage Index (links):

- BMW Press Conference
- F20 1 Series Performance Study
- F10 M5
- 3 Series Coupe and Cabrio Edition Exclusive and M Sport Edition
- X6 M Performance Accessories
- F20 1 Series M Sport and Various Colors
- 6 Series M Sport Package
- BMW i8 and i3 Concepts
- 6 Series BMW Individual
- AC Schnitzer 1M Coupe
- Alpina B6 Biturbo / Hamann 6 Series

The 2011 Frankfurt IAA auto show is underway and we're here to bring you live coverage from bar none BMW's largest display of any auto show it officially attends.

The BMW display is massive, taking up its very own hall at the Messe Frankfurt convention center. Like the 2009 Frankfurt IAA (the last one held), the hall features a full circle driving track which BMW used to dazzle the press as part of its press conference.

There is a separate section for the F20 1 series' auto show debut, as well as a dedicated M area to debut the F10 M5.

We'll be posting individual coverage of the more notable cars, so keep checking back throughout today/tomorrow! We'll be updating this thread with links to the individual coverage/photos, so be sure to check back for the link directory.

And hopefully the photos below convey just how large and impressive the exhibit is.

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