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Review is now up. I'll post pictures as I get them from Wayne.

Originally Posted by EvolutionTheory View Post
Thank you for the info Doyle! Could you possibly briefly explain to a leman why these are the ideal mod over other coilovers?
1-Adjustability: These are single adjustable. To my knowledge, the only coilovers for x-drive vehicles with compression adjustment are KW v3s and ASTs. Additionally, the TC Klines use linear springs, which means that you can almost infinitely pick and choose your spring rates. With that, ASTs are the only comparable coilovers. HPA does sell a linear conversion kit, but that gets pricey. Leading me to...

2-Price point: Since the only 2 coilovers that have similar features are the V3s and ASTs, the TC Klines come under them by $100s. Price for TC Kline is around $1800. Price for AST (with springs) is $2300. Price for the V3 (with the linear conversion kit) is $2700.

3-Reputation/Durability: TC Kline has one of the best reputations on the market. Additionally, they have been doing this for a very long time. I wanted something durable that wouldn't rust, have sway bar tabs shear off, etc. There is a reason why TC Kline is one of the most common setups you'll see on tracked BMW's.