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Introduction Of Rta Covert Speed Cameras Within Nsw

It appears our Minister for Roads (Mr. I have been photographed driving in bus lanes again...oops sorry...), is about to introduce unmarked RTA speed detection camera cars (as seen in Victoria).

It is my understanding that these RTA vehicles hide at the side of the roadway and photograph alleged wrong-doers...sometime into the future an infringement notice is sent to the unsuspecting culprit (that will teach a valued lesson several weeks later).

Currently, in NSW speed camera cars are utilised by the Police Force, they are marked cars with red and blue light bars attached. I feel if you get caught by one of these marked Police cars, you probably deserve it, as you weren't paying enought attention.

However, with these covert (non descript RTA Holden and Ford sedans), you can only bet they will be utilised on main roads where it they produce the most revenue (show me the money).

If this Government was fair dinkum they would be putting more marked Highway Patrol vehicles on the road. Not only are they a deterent to speeding, they are also a very strong deterent to bad driving that is too often displayed on our roads. Examples, inconsiderate Taxi drivers we see pulling up or darting across several lanes to pick-up a fare, the white van that follows you so closely you can't see the driver, the `P' plated Hyundai (with wings and spoilers) that think they are driving WRX's (but only quicker).

Finally, don't forget that our speed limits are set to allow for the very worst registered motor vehicles that occupy the carriageway.....that is a rusty old 1964 Valiant (with retreads) not an E90 Beemer (with ESP, DSC, ABS etc etc) driven by a person who actually enjoys drving.

What are your thoughts?

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