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Originally Posted by JazStar740 View Post
The post office just left my box on my door step, luckily I was returned home to find it on my porch maybe a hour or two after it was delivered.....
lucky you, I mean I live in NJ so its not that bad here with theft, I mean comeon you know, its not NY (which is where i was originally from, and even there, that hasnt happened)

I just hate it when I have my hopes up about something, and then know that it is supposed to be delivered but it magically disappears, makes me a bit uneasy.

Waiting for Kris to get back to me, Just PMed him a few mins ago, hopefully he's back in town and we can get it all squared away once and for all.

Hows the camera working for those very fortunate people who have received it and installed it? Is/Was the install easy? I used to do all my own stuff to the car when I had my old car (08 MDX), so i dont think its going to be that hard with this system, but it is a BMW afterall lol
For those of you who have installed it already, hows the camera? everything is to your liking? no regrets?