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Originally Posted by Unregistered
Okay, kinda weird answering my own question, but i spoke with a friend about it and here's a list of reasons to KEEP ZSP even if you're getting aftermarket wheels and springs:

* sport seats and steering wheel
* special tuning (steering ratio, etc.)
* you can always sell the 18" 162's
* you get the more aggressive SP look (for the time before you get the other wheels)

Is there anything missing off this list?? Or, better yet, i'd like to hear someone make a case for NOT KEEPING ZSP.
Weird, how come your post shows you as "unregistered" Anyways, in my opinion the sports seats and steering wheel are almost worth the sports package alone... esepecially the sports seats, they make a huge difference. He's right about the 162 sports wheels, you'll be able to get a nice penny for them especially if you sell pretty soon since there wont' be that many for sale yet.

Another thing to consider is that if you're only replacing the springs, then that means you'll have the more aggressive shocks of the ZSP package, which means more aggressive handling available. Of course if you're replacing both springs and shocks or using coilovers then you'll be replacing the entire sports suspension, which makes it a bit less valuable for you to get the ZSP. But I guess you could always try to sell the entire sports suspension to someone who didn't order ZSP. Hope that helps.