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lol Frank you always have amusing captions on the pics

This picture made me cringe and turned my stomach:

It's like a car version of Hostel! Mad scientist hacking away at the car :X

Originally Posted by Lotus99 View Post
I have to say this is the first time I've ever seen this done!

Seeing that a big part of the roof's job is for structural integrity and rigidity, I assume your new roof won't come close to the original one for those things, so how are you dealing with that?
The structural rigidity shouldn't be drastically lost - if you look at the aerial view, pillars A/B/C/D weren't touched and it's as if your simply replacing the thin metal above the pillars with a CF panel. Take a look at this pic below:

The cross section in the front and the back of the roof is what holds the rigidity, not the roof panel itself.