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Originally Posted by kol View Post
I've driven the E9X M3 before...on the road and on the I know how it is...just didn't know "how" it is as a daily and long term.

IMHO, E90 design makes more sense than E92....everything seems right on a E90....the only thing I always hated was the E90 headlights, but since a E90 M3 has E92 headlights .

E92 fronts are too long and doors are too
The E9X m3 as a daily isn't the least bit bad, and I drive it in the winter(50k/2years now). I took it to snowboarding at Blue Mountain and Horseshoe on several occasion last winter, the previous winter didn't count since it barely snowed.

Originally Posted by kol View Post
Bunn, if you don't mind me asking - what's your lap time at MSGP?
I've only taken the car to MSGP 4 times since owning this car, couldn't find time to track before this summer. This was also my first manual car, so I rather not kill anyone on the track due to my lack of experience. I don't do timed events since I lack the skills/experience, couple of more events this year, I'll probably do that next year if I still have the car. But I would just like to add, this car is awesome on the GP track..very balanced and forgiving, especially for someone who's new to the RWD/stick combination.