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Originally Posted by bmroxm5 View Post
Springs came from an eibach distributor in the uk for ~$350 from memory.

'difficult' is a relative term, there's nothing overly technical about this however you need some special equipment, a bit of know how and some pucker factor.

As for wheel alignment after my e92 was lowered I didn't get an alignment and didn't notice any difference so as long the springs are 'seated' correctly I can't see how it will affect alignment too much..
I did this recently changing from H & R race to stock Msport springs.
The main difficulties I had were getting the bolt back into the rear lower arm.
The DIY shows pictures of removing either the inboard bolt or the outboard bolt. My advice would be to remove the inboard bolt as I could not get the outboard bolt back in. Getting the inboard one in is tricky as well and I found I had to jack up the lower arm from under the shock mount and then also jack up at the bolt point. (you will need 2 jacks)
With the fronts I used a spring compressor from Super Cheap. I would recommend that you try and get a better quality one as these are crap.
Removing the shorter H & R spring was easy enough, but I found the spring compressor could not grab enough of the longer Msport spring to compress it enough to install it. It was a lot of fiddling and readjusting (very tiring) but I got it to work eventually. Maybe it would be easier to remove the entire strut as it is possible to scratch the guard with the studs protruding from the top of the strut top hat.