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Originally Posted by DaFish View Post
Fraggy, I have Dinan camber plates and both M3 arms. I'll post up a pic, been running this since last Nov on new tires... no inside front tire wear at all. The rear tires are SHOT btw... the inside rear tires with the torque we have wears the rears bad on the inside.

Handling - when I replace the RFTs, I had stock camber - the tire would roll over completely on hard cornering. Once I got the M3 arms and camber plates in, the following happened:

1) Turn in was HUGELY better
2) cornering was way better than stock - way more grip all around
3) the car didn't plow like it did stock.
4) The steering was way more precise - no slop, very direct. Point the car, it goes there - with a ton of control and precision.
5) Tramlining was GONE.... that is the best part on this mod. The car doesn't lurch all over if you go over a rut or change lanes - that was infuriating.
6) Steering is a bit firmer, but nice - no worries
7) WET/SNOW driving shows huge benefits - the car turns better for some reason - the understeer and plowing on wet/snow was very bad - it is very much improved

1 CON: The Dinan camber plates (that don't make noise) add 1/2" or so to the front ride height - that sucks. I did get the dinan suspension, which brought it back down to stock. You COULD drill the pins out in the front and change camber that way without raising the front of the car that is already too high.

I can't say enough on this collection of mods. Do it.
+1 Nicely summed up.

These are really rewarding mods to your car and will transform the handling from a boat to a sportscar.

The added height due to the Dinan Camber plates was actually welcome on my car as the Bilstein PSSS10 is very low in the front, even on the highest setting.

I would suggest you also get the M3 strut brace. It looks like a minor mod, but it will stiffen up the front end considerably and make the steering even more precise/consistent
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