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Next stage - what would you do?

What would you do next? Started with the hifi system in my e90. Looking to my next upgrade, here is what I have done so far and my 3 favorite options for the next upgrade, what would you do?? (trying to keep it at ~$400 for the next move). I listen to mostly classic rock and jazz type music and based on the bass I can get from the stock underseats amped don't see the need for a sub in the trunk.

Stage 1 - replaced front mids with BSW 4", front tweeters with Polk DB, rears with BSW mids and tweeters. Stock underseats. Nice marginal improvement, did not sound "great", but no longer painful to listen to like the stock system!

Stage 2- added 4 channel amp to the front mids/tweeters and underseats. Running the rears off HU power. Big difference! Now my system has some nice power, speakers really came alive. Could live with this for awhile.

Stage 3??? - First off already have a Polk DB coax installed in the center dash, but not wired up yet. For low dollar hookup was going to bridge it off the front amp channels with an L-pad volume control. My major dilemma is between:

option1: add an MS-8 to what I have now, powering the center and rears off the MS-8, fronts/underseats off the 4 channel amp.
option2: add better underseats, something along the line of Morels/Jehnerts or the like, and power the center with the bridged/L-pad discussed above.
option3: cool it with the audio for awhile and get the AA tune!

What would you do next remembering the ~$400 budget??? Don't limit yourself to my options listed and Thanks in advance for your ideas!