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Originally Posted by teamben158 View Post
There is no such thing as spot reduction for fat, the body gets rid of it how it wants from different places as your body fat % drops.

Rum and cokes won't really help, unless it's diet coke. Gotta lower the amount of calories you're taking in. Check this site to see the calorie level in the alcohol you're drinking:

Do you drink every night? Me personally, I stopped drinking the, what I consider pointless, beer or two a night because I only drink now when I'm planning on getting drunk, or maybe a beer when dining out.
Thanks for the site. Great info

I always seem to find myself having a beer or two a night, and on the weekends probably double or triple that. Sometimes its more, sometimes less. I dont sit at home and drink beer but I always seem to find myself out with friends and we end up having a few drinks at dinner.