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The install took me about 2 hours. It's not hard at all, although it's hard to see in his pictures what plugs into what. I bought my kit from Lezam who had previously installed it on his car. I just used the instructions he had, and my general knowledge. I have to try to figure out how to wire some cables to my center console so that I can play videos off my ipod.

The hardest part was trying to get the wire through the rubber tubing that connects the trunk to the body. I ended up not getting it and just taking the wire and putting the grommets over my wire :/
that sux, i thought that Lezam was waiting to get his and was syked about it but now we find out he gave it up lol

according to what i have read online about the multimedia interface module, it should have a cable that has multiple input/output ports, one of which is the rear camera and several others, i think you can go to radio shack and get a cable that goes for your TV which is an Input/Output cable to be able to play videos from your iphone to your TV...and connect that cable to the Input/Output port. Not sure on this exactly, that is what i got from ebay really...if you lookup "bmw multimedia interface" it describes what ports it has.