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Originally Posted by zazzn View Post
Hi where do I find the spreadsheet?

If someone could help I really don't want to read 30 pages, I skimmed about 10 already but have no definitive answers.

I'm looking at buying a 135 or 335, but I'm worried about this overheating oil problem, I'm going to get a 6 spd, and only look for one with sport package so I have the oil cooler.

What is the definitive answer to keep these engines cool?

Monacool engine mix/Stage 2 Oil cooler

Is that it? I want to lap for a session with out having to pull over ever 3-4 laps or loosing power. If this is the case, I may just opt to buy a e90 M3, instead but would rather save the money if I can!
post 658 has the sheet. to edit try post 1. Read the thread, its worthwhile.