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From another post:
Originally Posted by jyono
Solved my issue using ISTA v41 Daten Files.

1. Copied and pasted new daten files to [ C:\NCSEXPER\DATEN\E89 ] and ran laden.bat
2. Copied and pasted new sgdat files to [ C:\NCSEXPER\SGDAT ]
3. Copied and pasted new ecu files to [ C:\EDIABAS\Ecu ]

This time NCSexpert worked fine, no "Faulty Chassis" message!
Re-coded with a blank .MAN file and functionality my the analog gauges (rpm/mpg/fuel) were restored!
this one doesn't mention a laden.bat:

This guide was originally posted by FAL, I just redid the images and created the entry in this wiki!

To update your system properly it is highly recommented that you use the tool Total Commander. There is a 30 days trial available.
If you copy the files manually - without Total commander - you might overwrite newer files with old ones. That's the difference between updating and doing it properly...

What you need checklist:

Total Commander
v40/v41/newer/older ISTA/P files, includes
daten - folder
ecu - folder
sgdat - folder
common sense and basic knowledge in computers

Difficulty: easy

Make a copy of your EDIABAS, EC-APPS and NCSEXPER folders. It's always good to keep some backups...
Start Total Commander
In the left window of Total Commander, head for your new daten-folder. In the right window, move to C:\NCSEXPER\DATEN\E89 (or another model you want to update). Now your screen should look like this:
Click on 'Mark' > 'Mark newer, hide same files'
As you can see on the following pictures, the newer files on the left will turn red. Drag one of these red files to the right windows and drop it there.
A windows will come up, just confirm it with 'OK'
Another window will pop up, now comes the clue: Here, select 'Overwrite all older'. All newer files will now replace the old ones, while equal versions or even newer files stay untouched.
Bibidi, babidi, boo - else updating is poo

Repeat this with the following folders:

I'm not sure which is correct...
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