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Originally Posted by ILoveChess100 View Post
So what am I supposed to do since I want to buy this thing LOL. This is the first time in my life where I am actively trying to buy something and the people responsible for selling it don't know the price O__o. Is it still 'too early' to be asking dealerships for this, or is it a common thing with BMW to not know about these after-the-fact kind of purchases? This is my first bmw, so I don't know much about how they run their business.
The thing obviously exists, as some have it installed in Canada and Australia.
My guess... BMW ran into difficulties introducing it in the USA because we are a litigious country.
It's anybody's guess if the option will actually make it here.
I've never seen this happen with BMW before.
Mercedes ran into something similar in the past. They offered a full size spare tire carrier on the ML-class worldwide, but had to pull it off the shelves in the US because the thing didn't pass the 5mph bumper test. The thing was mounted outside the rear hatch, very close to the back of the 3rd row seat.
Another option they had to pull out was the fog lights on the early MLs. It was integrated with the head lights, and since it was above 42 in (or something like that) from the ground, it wouldn't pass US requirements.