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Gosh, I dont know where to start responding. Ive been away for awhile and so many responses have been posted

First off, I dont think I will go back to the M3 stuff. I had it, really loved the handling, but ride trade off was too much for me. Maybe cause it was paired with Perf Pack (harsh) dampers, and aging tires, but after about 20K miles I went back to stock. Maybe now with the Konis it would be worth trying again, but I dunno. Harold though maybe the ride stiffness was caused by a faulty install, but I went to a very reputable BMW only shop so its really hard to imagine a bad install.

When I had the konis installed, the shop called asking me about alighment and that they would eye it so it was driveable. They mentioned that my alignment pin was missing. I found this odd as Ive never asked anyone to remove it and I bought my car new. Is there a way I can check to see if in fact it is missing?

Ive heard with the pin removed you can get about -.8 degress camber without any kind of plates. Is that a noticeable amount?

Lastly, I certainly want to get the M3 strut brace when I can, primarily for easy access to the konis but so far Ive not set them once. The scary part is I have no idea where they are set at. I forgot to check that before install and since I bought the fronts used from a member here, they are probably not at factory defaults, which means nothing since I bought my rears new and they were not set evenly.
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