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Nice additional pics wil. Awesome dyi thread. I did my first oil change today.

O-RING REMOVAL TRICK for both the small and big one
Don't just try and pull of the rubber bands like a condom - unless you have a threaded penis, it will be hard to do. (No pun intended). Instead give one end of the ring slack by compressing/stretching the other end, then loop off. For the small one, I had to do the same thing, but used a small flat head and inserted it into the extra slack and was careful not to rub against the threads.

Picture shown is not the e90 one, but image has at least the two I spoke about.

Other Info:
Used Rhino ramps rated 12000 lbs. And used a 2x4 with carboard boxes to create a larger ramp (smaller incline than 17 degrees or else your front mud flap will push the ramps).
I have a 330xi. Used mobil 1 0w40.
I initially put in 6 quarts and after like 5 miles of driving, the oil meter read "Minimum, +1 qts."

There was some oil in the filter can, but I didn't try to remove it. Did anyone try to remove that old oil? I'm changing my oil every 7k. The oil was dirty BLACK at 7k miles.

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