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Have you looked at the 1st post? It has links to interesting data/discussions within this thread. I'm also looking at 08/09 M3s and 996 TTs, each have their own set of probs. Good luck with the search

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That's pretty dry considering there is a lot of fluff in the thread, and no one has condensed it down in to a FAQ or placed all the relevant info on page #1

Basically after skimming though 10 pages (non consecutively trying to find answers and going back when I see interesting info quoted). It's easy to say search and read the whole thread and waste 3-6 hours when the answer can be edited into post #1 with the details :/

I know nothing about BMW's and nothing about the E90's except what I just read her today. I'm coming form a supra background and have been in the supra world for 10 years. All of my cars including my DD's where 2jz-GTE's making over 400 WHP so excuse me if I seem a little green regarding cooling problems with the N54 in the E90's

@ UltraRacer13 - Is that the whole spread sheet? I though there was more... Saw that post.

@Sejzella - Funny because the 02 996 turbo is the other car on the list out of the 4 that i'm looking at ... 135/335 08 M3/ 01-04 996 turbo.