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I'd really appreciate that! I've tried a bunch of times to get documentation from my dealership (autowest BMW) and they'd always tell me they'd send it but never did, and now when I call, they all insist that there is no 10 year warranty. I've gone through 4 pumps at 40k kms on my out of warranty 07 335, so you can understand my concern.
When you called Autowest who did you speak with? The SA's are usually quite knowledgeable about stuff.. maybe you spoke with a clueless receptionist only.
Excellent! Thank you for the document. The only person at autowest that confirmed the 10 yr warranty with me was the head tech. I then requested the documentation from the SA (which was never sent). When I called back a few weeks later and spoke with another SA (the SA that dealt with me earlier was not in), they said that they didn't think there was a warranty extension, but would check into it, but they never got back to me. Anyways, thanks again!
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