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Originally Posted by J. View Post
All E30 M3's are LHD. The ones you see in Hong Kong and Australia are converted into RHD. It isn't because it is not popular, on the contrary, most car enthusiasts in Hong Kong and China know about the E30 M3 through the Macau WTCC races 20 years ago.

It is still in very high demand, but I do believe there is roughly 10 E30 M3's around in HK, but only 2-3 have surfaced for sale to the public where the rest are passed down from private collectors to collector. With such rarity you would think that the ones that are on sale to the public for HKD 280K, will require you some time, money, and effort to restore to its healthy state.

HKD $400K is where I would start before you get some collectors interest in selling their M3. It all depends on how much you appreciate and want the car.

Thanks for the info. Yeah I would imagine a E30 M3 would cost quite alot.