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Originally Posted by PeterM1 View Post
A stock M3 is not a solution either. Agreed though that cooling the N54 for track duty is a more expensive ordeal.

Have a look at the M3 track forum, top thread right now is "Overheating at the track" with overheating reports within a few laps and 80F, and discussions on cooling mods...
Huh,....funny thing is, I was just trolling around the E46 3 series forums, and even for the non-M models, the top post in the track sections, is: How do I complete a full day at the track without over heating (trans & oil temp induced limp mode). I tell ya, car after car I've looked at seems to be own3d by this problem. They just don't fully engineer cars these days. The only other vehicle that seems immune to this issue is corvettes. Never heard of heating problems at the track with them.