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Thumbs up Finally did MY FIRST MOD!!

Finally decided to do the “rear fog lights”, it was a process but I ended up doing it. Everything’s really like Lego’s honestly, just have to be “Gentle & Patient”. I used a Carwash Members Card, Movie Theater Points Card, a Blade/Butter knife. The button was already there what helped was you guys that posted things before. I actually liked it so much I called my friend up and did it for his 328xi 2011 sedan. It Looks Nice, I was driving with it on and honestly a lot of people wouldn’t as Tail Gate as they use to. I went to Astoria Strip right after I did it on my car and I forgot when I parked in front of someone I had them on so when I came out to look at my car and then looked at them I realized they were squinting because I had my rear fog lights. It’s definitely something you shouldn’t abuse. But like I would have to say is that Our lights look better than Audi’s rear fogs and The RANGES which are extremely bright as well. THANK YOU DIY..What I think would be sick is if you can just rock idle lights with the REAR FOGS, if anyone did it please let me know..Btw this took my like 30mins (just being honest)

Thank you Once again

Regular Lights

Gauge's (Rear Fog Light Symbol)

Rear Fog lights

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