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Yeah, It makes sense. If the coil pack is faulty the there is potentially unburnt fuel going through the exhaust system. The car is clever enought to shut down the fuel to that cylinder. To prevent any damge to more sensitive components like (cat. convertors) Having said that, Id love to learn more about this. (Experts please??)

Anyhow, as for money saved. Parts £45 (genuine coil pack)
£75 plugs (NGK R5's) + Diagnostics £67 (would of been just £25 as the first guy offered to clear down the codes)
So..... £187 in total. Should of been £145

Bimmer quoted around £130 for 6 plugs fitted.
£100 for the diagnostics. (thats £230)
& who knows for a coil pack change.... I suspect at least £100 for 1 fitted.
Total £330 (thats uncanny, thats the model of my car!! )

So thats....£143 saving with a bit of an estimate in there.

The best part is, you get to learn about your own car....also if you've had bad experiences with dealerships. I dont want numerous amounts of people crawling in and out and around my car. Once you do the job you will realise how physical it is. So much potential for scatching and or denting the body work.
Also (sorry dealerships) but you make your own bed....and I lost trust years ago. It goes like this.
Warranty runs out - parts fail - Dealership wants to replace everything & charges you £coloured ladder to the moon.

DIY will only get you so far, but I'm on board. Choo choo.