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Originally Posted by benzo23 View Post
Howd the install go? What did both set you back?
I took my time on the install as i was still listening to the football games going on at the time and when something good happened (obviousoy not the Jag game) i would go inside and watch a couple minutes. I started at 1 pm and prob ended around 330 but i actually had problems with the screws holding the top grille inserts on and ended up just ripping them off. the screws had nuts incased in the inserts actually stripped and were spinning in the grille/hood insert and it would not unscrew. The halos and fogs were installed by first turning the wheel out and taking the fender liner off. from there i could get to both the fogs and halos. Takes longer to take all the screws out then it does to put fogs and halos in!!

The MTec halos were about 110 and the MTec fogs about 20 (bought from a fellow memeber on this site). I may eventuall get HID fogs but for now these work.