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Thanks! I have to say I am loving the tint and the heat reduction it offers. Yesterday and Today would have been scorchers without the tint but the car is now a LOT cooler when getting in it at lunch and after work.

I'd say the tint job took about 3 hours. I got there about 2:30pm, talked to him for a bit and then he started. I was on the road home by 5:45pm, just in time to peak traffic.

By the way, Matt does all the tint by hand. It's all hand cut and fits the windows perfectly. Even looking at the top and side edges of the windows, the tint fits completely and perfectly. I saw a friends car that had computer cut tint and he had almost 1/8" of un-tinted window at the top edge. I thought to myself WTF is that. My friend said it didn't really matter but it does to me.

P.S. Check your PM....

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