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** Nurburgring Trip June 2012 **


This post is a MAJOR UPDATE as Ant and I have now finalised some of the details for this trip.

Departing August 18th 2012 and returning August 21st 2012 (ish.)

Nurburgring! Duh!


On Monday 20th, we will be participating in Dino's track day offer between 08:00 and 13:00.

Anyone who wants to participate in the track day will need to pay a 200 deposit pretty much ASAP with the balance being paid 4 weeks before the event. As Dino has said - the more people who book, the cheaper it will get.... If you ARE interested, PM me or Dino and we can get you some details etc.

We have found a hotel called 'Hotel-Restaurant birgeler hof' which is a reasonable price and looks ok - main thing is its only about 15 miles from the Ring. I've no problems with anyone staying elsewhere etc as hopefully we can all meet up on the Sat/Sun evenings and have some food etc.

We are aiming to head out via Dover at 12:15 on Saturday the 18th. Obviously, we can meet people for a convoy on the Euro side if anyone else wants to go to Calais or via the tunnel etc - let me know and we can organise something no problem.

Return will be however you want, but for me it's going to be Dunkirk to Dover on Tuesday 21st at around 13:00.

So, Ant and I are already making some slight changes to our plan to accomodate our specific requirements. Firstly, on the Monday (after the track day and all other fun is done) Jen and I will be driving back to Brugge where we will be staying for the night to catch some sights and drink some tasty beer - anyone who wants to is welcome to join us.

Ant and his wife are heading around Europe for some sightseeing, so you MAY be able to join them for some of that part of the trip before returning home, if you want to. I really fancied this, but I don't think we will have the holiday to spare. C'est la vie.

So basically, I hope to see some of you getting booked on the Track day to help us drive the price down!! I think (being 100% honest) that if we can get enough numbers it will just about make financial sense.


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