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Originally Posted by hillpaschal View Post
I contacted BMW of Albany (Georgia) yesterday via email for a quote for installation on my 2009 335i. The parts manager responded this morning by saying 10 % off of parts and labor with my BMW CCA discount. He also said that i would be charge for 3 hours of labor but that it can take anywhere from 1.5 hours to 4 hours "depending on circumstances" (He didn't give me an actual number and I don't know what their labor rate is).

I feel like this is way off and that they are confusing the software only install with the hardware / software install and I have emailed him for clarification.
I believe the reason that so many people are getting the run around on Labour quotes is due to the fact that the dealers cannot guarantee an exact amount of time up front for the flash. I spoke with my SA yesterday, and he assured me that if the car was fully up to date in terms of software/firmware updates (for all the installed modules in the car), then this update goes on very quickly without issues, 45mins typically.

The problem is that most people's cars are not fully up to date, and then this procedure takes much longer to perform and can even fail if a module which is out of date does not accept the software flash successfully the first time around and then requires a 2nd go at it.