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Originally Posted by GiRtHyN55 View Post
is there any other x drive with mods on this board alot of the times i see posted are RWD models. I just trying to see if there is something wrong with my car it doesnt seem right i ran a evo9 with a tune and intake off a roll last night at we were neck and neck i figured with my mods i would be at least 106 mph car. I prob gonna dyno soon but i feel like im gonna be disappointed
Girthy, and I thought I did bad lol. I was also at Englishtown last Friday (2 days after you). First time with this car and didn't care so much for time as much as trap speed. Was hoping for 106mph myself and got stockish results
Who knows...maybe it was the humidity but you should've def done better than me. Maybe it's just me but when I look at that drag strip I could swear that it's slightly inclined

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