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OK, so I read all the threads on this mod. Tried the finger method to unclip the clips. I did not like this as it was very tight and was distending the I stopped. Inserted a thin putty knife in front of each light and was able to unclip the clips. This was tense at first, but after consulting the DIY threads and pictures, I went at it again. The key is knowing where the clips are located so you have the confidence to pry up in there. Whew! Now, after reading all the different methods, piggy back vs green/white wire splice vs fuse tap, I decided upon trying the vampire clip provided by Valentine in the hard wire kit. Found the green/white wire. Exposed it from the black wrapping and clipped the blue vampire splice. Attached the power wire here and attached the ground clip to the 10mm hex bolt as pictured.

It works perfectly. No moon roof issues.

Re-assembled and all is good.

I chose not to do the fuse tap because I do not like mounting my V1 low and running wires all over the place. I like it up high by the mirror. its clean and it works. If you are carefull and do a bit of homework ie. be familiar with all the pictures...what I described above works to perfection. Good luck.
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