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Thanks Marcel - looking forward to seeing you there.

What Marcel has done is capture what I could not. Which is a clear message - be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.

I'm not going to bring fate down on us by saying anything about how little trouble I have seen amongst my own group at the Ring, but needless to say there hasn't been anything to put me off.

The only person I actually know who crashed badly was a total knobber who I took offence to from the moment I met him. I know of one other minor incident which luckily did happen somewhere which had a run off and resulted in car damage only, but it was down to overexuberance.

With that in mind and bearing in mind Marcel's message, I would reiterate that you shouldn't think of a day at the Ring as a full 8 hours of hard, oppressive driving. It's very relaxed and you are likely to do 5-10 laps in a good day, with lots of breaks and chatting in between, as well as drives with passengers or as a passenger to break up the day and help you learn.

As a result, I urge anyone pondering to consider the above and think of this trip as more than just a 'load of racing round a track.' Its very much a social event in a lovely setting with some beautiful scenery, excellent camaraderie and good food and drink. There is lots to see and there will be some rare cars in the car park at some point (Gumpert Apollo when I was there) with owners who are usually more than happy to lap up the attention.

You could probably go, have some passenger laps and see some sights and never take your car out and it would be 75% of the fun.... Maybe 65%...

Anyway, I'll leave it up to you all to decide, but at least you now have the facts!