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Originally Posted by B-737 View Post
what *exactly* are you getting for $520?
BSW will never disclose specific information on their drivers, frequency response or specs.

so for $520, what are you getting?
i'd rather spend a little extra money and know exactly whats getting installed in the car...
you're getting 7 mid range drivers to replace all the existing drivers
and 4 tweeters to replace all the existing tweeters

i have the BSW speakers in my car
and they sound damn good
i've had the HIFI, Logic 7, and the MB Quart RUA-213 speakers
the BSW sound better than all of them
the midrange is much better, and they can handle more bass then the others
the tweeters are also very good, very clear, and not harsh sounding at all

would you feel better if you knew they were 50w RMS and 50-20,000?
does that really make a difference to you?
you get 30 days return policy, if you think they suck send them back
can't say most other manufacturers give that
and they have a 3 year warranty
if they break, they replace them
and they are the easiest speakers to install