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Originally Posted by dan.cuando View Post
From maps I will press "menu, pull down for entertainment, push down to select cd" and I usually do it pretty quickly
but the car only reads "menu and pushing down" giving me the set up menu. I mean the system doesn't even have to be light Lightning quick, but it just has to know what Iíve pressed.
Did you know that if you just highlight the small navi window, you can hold the controller up, down, or right to get to the same items that you would get to by hitting the menu button... only, you skip that step. I figured this out the other day.

Originally Posted by dan.cuando View Post
...the POI was about a mile off. This happened 5 more times through out this Christmas season. What's the point of a navi if it only gets you within a mile of your destination?
You know, Columbus would have been ecstatic to have only been a mile off...