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Originally Posted by jimmydever View Post
I DO NOT have the issue and have a 2006 330i 6MT with 71k miles. Curious if this ticking issue is actually a problem or more of annoyance. Will it eventually lead to some sort of failure or is it just a horrible sound people dont want to deal with, but in reality the car is running fine? I dont have time to read through 90 pages on this just curious if someone can let me know. Thanks guys.
Another member went through the whole thread some time back. A good summary IMHO, take from it what you choose. Link below.

Originally Posted by Z4owner View Post
We took our Z4 2008 30,000 miles to BMW dealer last week (Montreal) and they listened to the knocking noise. It was loud. They changed the lifters. Told us that this would fix the problem. We let them know we had done our research and are aware of the cylinder head fix. They told us we would cross that bridge if we got to it. I guess BMW will be glad when the warranty runs out on all these cars!
You just have to go through the process. As I own and not lease going through the process was well worth it for me, and 100% paid for by BMW. Although, I think BMW should have paid me for my time too.
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