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According to some other DIYs I saw on the net, it is sufficient to remove like only 3 bolts in each wheel well in order to pull away the wheelarch lining and get access to those hidden 2 bolts. This DIY requires removing like 6 bolts in the left well and 10 bolts in the right well (the same 6 plus 4 more for the oil cooler grille). Is it really necessary to remove all these bolts?

For example, this DIY - - claims that only 2 bolts need to be removed in each wheel well before we can pull aside wheelarch lining. The bumper removal guide at umnitza also says that only two bolts have to be removed on the fender liner. (Interestingly, this gude says that the hoidden bolts are 8mm, while umnitza guide says that they are 10mm).

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