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From my first post on the "end-all..." thread:

"For the higher rates (450/850), the UUC front and e93 M3 rear have great balance and roll below two degrees."

That was just a baseline to build off of. Like I mentioned, there is the "paper" suspension engineering, and the real world. Those suggestions get you in the ball park. From there you go by feel. It's a black art.

I used the H&R M3 bar for the rear. Since it is softer than the e93 m3 bar, and I'm running lower rear spring rates, I think the UUC bar is still going to be waaaaay too stiff for my needs. The only reason I think I need more bar is that I was getting alot of scrub and rollover throughout the autocross. Part of it is my skill (or lack thereof) in autocross. The other part is that it is still a 4000+lb BMW running only -2.5 camber up front. Driving aggressively on the streets/back roads, I can rotate the car extremely well at 7-8/10ths. It's the 10/10ths that I began to feel the excessive play up front.

One potential my shop suggested is that it is the deflection in the sway bar and control arm bushings up front. It may give the sensation that there is more roll/slop than there really is. I'll give that a shot once my bank account comes around!

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