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I have taking it back to the dealer twice and they tell me that it is normal for the shimmy but this isnt the first bmw i have driven. I just want to know if this is normal for a diesel. Plus for the past week we have been getting colder weather and the car vibrate and will stop after 50 mph. Do you think it maybe tires problem. Car was Setting on the lot for over a year before i brought it. Car has 3000 miles on it.
Low speed shimmy on a new car is almost always related to inadequate tire pressures. Bump the fronts to 36 PSI cold and rears to 36 PSI cold and see if that solves the problem. Most of these cars are sold with too little pressure in the tires and that will cause it to shimmy or vibrate. If the tire pressure does not solve the problem then you need to look at balancing issues. Start with tire pressures.