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Originally Posted by enrita View Post
no racing tomorrow
I'm pissed too...I've got 1 more damn Wednesday night (next one) before the dragstrip closes for Winter on Wed nights which leaves only a few more Friday nights until Oct. 28th which is the last day the track is open at all this year, and Fridays are always packed, too many cars, lineups...hopefully the weather is good as I think I'll need just one more time out there to get some solid numbers on a race "hybrid" tune I've been working on putting together

hybrid tune = AFR & Timing (basically stock/aggressive timing) via COBB's custom map with JB4 progressive boost on top based on meth flow sensor input

I ripped out my coolingmist flow sensor, been too unreliable since forever and just set my car up with the Aquamist flow sensor which is a hall effect/turbine based one which should be TONS more has 3 different flow modes based on how you wire it up but so far looks promising..

Ran a few times last night at 18psi with this monster tune and the car's a fucking BEAST!!! Hopefully it holds together LOL