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Originally Posted by campbelly View Post
This is a bitch...there is a metal clip on a spring that holds the handle in place by force of the spring. When you take out the handle it falls all the way back and too far to catch the handle onto..solution: if you have small fingers you can stick one finger in and pull the clip towards you (it will be tough cause it's on a heavy spring)..once it's pulled towards you, stick in the handle on the clip and it should slide back's not held by anything other than the force of the spring..other option is to tie a piece of string around the metal clip and pull it towards you that way..then clip in the handle once it's forced towards the door, put it back then cut the string..its kinda confusing to explain without showing you but if you look inside with a flashlight you should be able to figure out how the mechanics of it work..good luck
driver side doesn't have it, passenger side does