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Originally Posted by Fraggy View Post
Ok, I need to get an alignment as I\'ve recently changed out shocks. So I need to decide to stay with stock camber or ask for something more aggressive.

My questions are what are the benefits of more negative camber, what driving dynamics change, and what are negatives, such as uneven tire wear.

Also what differences are felt in straight line driving (freeway) and cornering, both positive and negative.

Without camber plates, max your camer on the front, which shouldn't be more than -1 even on a lowered car. With that amount there is hardly any negatives unless all you do is freeway driving with no corners. With some negative camber the car is more likely to follow the irregular road surfaces a bit more, but you will not likely to notice it. The added handling benefits outweigh it - Better turn-in, quicker steering response and less understeer are just the few benefits of additional camber.

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