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Originally Posted by needforspeed View Post
e90 / e91 suspension is rft specific as well.

I also think your pressure may be a bit high. I would have thought that the pressures for an e46 coupe sport with similar sized mixed tyres would be a good indicator:

That site is talking about 36/40 psi which is more like 2.5/2.8 bar.

I would have another word with the tyre fitter about the pressures.
Well my tyres were on 2.6-2.7 originally.

Anyways now with 3.3 bar ... it drives bad BUT taking corners is awesome! I don't think run flats can't be more bad in ride comfort then tyres @ 3.3 bar. My car is at the dealer, I will have it back tomorrow with Bridgestones RFT. The ones that came with the car.

I hope everything is solved then.