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Originally Posted by UltraRacer13 View Post
This thread has lost its way a bit. It was not particularly intended to be a mod list thread. More of track setup, such as
tires (square or staggered, what sizes compounds/ brands)
special track wheels?
If adjustable suspension..what are your settings, perhaps others have the same and can comment or learn from what you are doing.
Upgraded brakes? What pads? etc.

The goal here is to learn what is working and what is not. And if someone has a similar setup- perhaps a starting point.
Wheels: Michelin Pilot Super Sport, staggered 235/265mm. Work very well, even better than the Michelin PS2 I had before. Great grip, predictable threshold, good even in the wet.

Suspension: Bilstein B16 Ride Control. Drives ok, but the springs are not at all adapted to the car. They're too short / too weak, so that the car rides much too low even on the highest settings. On some bigger bumps or potholes the springs compress completely (due to the small travel area that's left) and you get a big hit on the wheel/chassis which is not good. The rear is also a bit too soft, even if I'm driving it in the "sport" setting (compression/rebound setting for the dampers). Also the front dampers are again making noises, after having been replaced last year. Not really satisfying for an allegedly high-end suspension. I'll replace it next spring with an Öhlins Road & Track coilover.

Brakes: I'm running with EBC Turbo Groove discs, they're OEM size but dimpled and slotted. Great under rain, but after a few laps on the Nürburgring one of the front discs warped and squeals now when I don't brake. - Pads are Cool Carbon which are much better than the stock pads, more linear brake feel, great grip especially when hot. After two hot laps on the 'Ring (22 kilometers) the brakes start to vibrate / shudder though. Which is why I'll replace them with AP Racing brakes in the front next spring.

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