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Originally Posted by UltraRacer13 View Post
This thread has lost its way a bit. It was not particularly intended to be a mod list thread. More of track setup, such as
tires (square or staggered, what sizes compounds/ brands)
special track wheels?
If adjustable suspension..what are your settings, perhaps others have the same and can comment or learn from what you are doing.
Upgraded brakes? What pads? etc.

The goal here is to learn what is working and what is not. And if someone has a similar setup- perhaps a starting point.

I can't possibly imagine going back to a car without LSD for track events. I've spent so much time spinning wheels at turns during the early days it's not even funny. Having all the power available throughout the turn is the determining factor on whether you'll hang with that P-car in front of you or you'll be left in the dust. The Quaife LSD has been flawless so far in this role.

Decided to go with a square 17" setup as I realized early on that tires would be a major cost. I currently average 10-12 track days per tire set and 6-8 days for pads.

- Kosei K1s are very light and inexpensive. Never had a problem with them and they've been beaten hard at the track for 2 years.
- Dunlop Direzza StarSpecs on the other hand perform very well only within a very specific spec. They tend to get greasy towards the end of the 20-25 minute sessions and god help you if your off from your regular hot temps, you're in for some iceskating. I start at 28/30 (front/rear) cold and get to 36/36 hot. Note that the StarSpecs are directional so you can only rotate front to back, not side to side. I tend to chew up one side first (left) so it'd be nice to be able to rotate side to side, but I digress...
- Square 245/40 setup has proven to be a huge improvement over the staggered stock setup. The car feels balanced, stable with minimal understeer. I can still power slide out at will but the car won't slide out on it's own.

OEM brakes and Hawk HPS fade fast. HP+ are plain horrible. PFC01s don't seem to want to do their "floating" thing well on my car, evident by the clanking sounds they produce, they do brake well though and do not fade. DTC70s chew up rotors for breakfast but stop well and do not fade, they also produce awesome sparks while braking (very cool at night!). The quest for good pads continues.
brakeperformance dimpled/slotted rotors in the front (ok, not "very" slotted anymore since I started using the DTC70 pads), nothing special. Centric rears. Fronts will be replaced with Centric plain rotors when they're worn out.

I'll try to cover other topics tomorrow.

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