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Regarding the steering wheel sensor. I had this problem too after i made my changes to suspension and drivetrain. First my local shop solved this for me by hooking up the GT1 and calibrating it . They did this for a small fee , and it really is very simple. Later on i changed some stuff on the drivetrain by myself and got all the warning lights again. This time i calibrated it myself by turning the wheel lock to lock 5 times. Worked perfectly and never seen the warning lights again.
My shop didn't have a GT1, so that was unfortunately not an option. And I knew about the trick of turning the wheel, but that didn't change anything in my case.
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I also have the Bilstein suspension , PSS10's i have. My fronts will be replaced soon , Bilstein send my shop a new set and apparently they should be a revised model that should not "clunk" annymore
Well, I've heard that before when I changed the dampers for the first time - and they also started making noises after a few months. I'm not willing to change them out endlessly and pay for postage and installation costs each time.
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Alpina ! This is just the best post (subscribed).....great, great job !! It is enjoyable to write about these things isn't it? I find the more you put into your threads, the more analysis you are doing on what your car is doing and what you want out of it - lots of fun !

I was very interested in all... but the brakes and the M3 strut review for me made a lot of sense. My brakes are just about done.

The M3 strut brace - I would imagine this would keep the geometry of the front end more in alignment during hard cornering. I think I have to get this.

I have the wavetrac and all the M3 control arms front and rear. I am noticing that the car still doesn't track absolutely straight in hard accel/decel conditions. I have heard that you need the rear toe arms. What have you heard and are you planning on those?
Thanks for your kind words! And it's true, the more modifications you do, the more you learn about your car...although it's in the end a very expensive process!

I'm not planning on installing the rear toe arms, as I'd need to install M3 dampers for this; as mentioned in my review on the Bilstein suspension, I will go with Öhlins next year.

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