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Originally Posted by bredi View Post
I have seen new pricing guides and info on e90 2012 3 series. Specifically for Sept 1 2011. But very suspicious there is a lack of info on the 335d for Oct 2011, 2012 and beyond.

I ordered in late July, with an August build. Could I be getting one of the last 335d's? Supposedly 3 series sedans stopping production in October?

any insights?
Kinda, sorta. Both of our 335d's were built around the same time -- so we probably got one of the last 100-200 "US-Spec" built 335d's.

According to the Diesel Driver, BMW sold 1500-ish 335d's (worldwide) in the first half of 2010 -- or 250/month. Assuming they did the same volumes in 2011, then we could expect 2500 (250x10) 335d's sold WW. I would guess that over 50% of those 335d's were sold in the US (with the remaining 50% coming from the UK and other key markets). So that leads me to believe that we got our hands on one of the last 200 US Spec E90 335d's. You'll have to put on your marketing hat to figure out how to spin that story. YMMV.