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Originally Posted by zazzn View Post
Do you guys overheat the water primary or oil?

What CFM does the stock fan flow? All the stopping and going on a track requires a good fan to cool for the amount of time spend under 45MPH and during turn in as the air vacuum created when hard corning doesn't cool the rads efficiently.

I've used these fans before which flow alot more air then other fans...
The 16" flows 3000+ cfm.

What Oil cooler does the SETT kit use or the AR design?

I found an application chart for the setrab oil coolers. Also I found the cooler which is listed at 450-475 HP listed for 259 on ebay.

Just curious if there are bigger coolers that will fit the stock location.
You should read more or there should be a sticky for known good setups. This would essentially be the spreadsheet we've all contributes to.

Stett or ER oil coolers and distilled water with Mocool or Water wetter PERIOD. This will allow you to have consistent laps so you can practice and get better.

You can do other mods but these are essential if you ever wanna challenge pro Miata drivers on twisty road courses.