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Originally Posted by PeterM1 View Post
"Welcome to the club" doesn't quite sound right but you're at the right place

1. When you can, pull those codes so we can determine the cause of your limp mode(s). The fact that you got them off the track too, following the event, suggests more issues than just water/oil overheating (30FF, 30FE, vanos, intake valve etc.)

2. In the meantime, as others suggested, for future track events:
- turn off the JB+
- log your coolant temps (1st post explains how)
- look into using distilled water + WW instead of antifreeze

that'll get you a long way towards having a limp-mode-free track day.
1. I am currently in the process of trying to obtain a BT scan tool. When I removed the tune, I didn't get the issues anymore...

2. Yes, I will run without the JB+. I will log the coolant temps also. For this recent track event, I flushed my coolant with 25/75 coolant/distilled water. I will try just distilled water and WW next time.