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Originally Posted by stylinexpat View Post
More settlements as punishment or revenge
I can't/wouldn't ever justify innocent killings, but people wonder why palestinians launch rockets into Israel. This is why. Over the last 60+ years Israel has increased its land by taking over Palestine and even today the statehood bid Palestine has submitted is based on even smaller land than previously agreed by the U.N. in the 1940s!

Israel knows it can get away with it because they will just label Muslims as "terrorists" if they try to do anything about it. Yet when Israel use their tanks, rockets, planes (and they even have nuclear weapons) noone will think twice.

Also, I know everyone is condemning Israel building these settlements but I think it's part of a greater scheme to provoke Palestinians to cause more violence and then the statehood bid can be vetoed by America on grounds that "direct peace negotiations must resume, not U.N. resolutions".

I don't know why everyone can't see what's REALLY going on here.